Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor

Defending Freedom Throughout the MENA Region

Who We Are



Our Mission

The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor has declared its mission to establish an independent and nongovernmental organization that would work across the region to investigate and expose oppression and atrocities has become urgent. Our mission must not only be to observe and document violations of human rights, but also to inform public opinion and “plant the seeds” for international mobilization by advocacy organizations, governmental bodies, watchdog groups and grassroots activists.

International law must once again become a respected tool of world governance, to which the downtrodden and persecuted can look for relief through recognition and redress, including compensation. Impunity must become an artifact of the past, no matter how wealthy or influential the party


Our Organization


Euro-Mediterranean is an independent, nonprofit organization for the protection of human rights established in November 2011 and registered in Switzerland (CH-660.0.748.015-1). It is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, to allow it easy access to the European institutions of governance and law are its primary targets and audience.

Regional offices are located in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, including the West Bank and Gaza City, and in Tunisia, in addition to representatives in the United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Yemen, Egypt, Libya, Jordan,United Arab Emirates,Lebanon, and Syria.

Our Scope of Work

Euro-Mediterranean operates as a complement to and partner with other human rights organizations in the MENA region. Through our news bulletins, video interviews and in-depth reports, we both expose incidents with detail not available through other sources, and probe broad patterns of behavior that call out for sustained attention. When helpful, we pose recommendations for dealing with humanitarian crises and helping those affected.

Through these vehicles, we seek to:

- Elevate the awareness of and appreciation for human rights law in the countries of the region.

- Leverage international law to hold accountable perpetrators of human rights violations.

- Provide a helping hand to local institutions for the implementation of joint projects.

- Stimulate international and European human rights organizations and decision makers to focus on particular violations.

- Highlight the challenges facing marginalized populations.

- Encourage the use of peaceful and legal channels to expose the perpetrators of human rights violations, including parties that impede the work of jurists.

Issues of focus:

• Extralegal executions.

• Torture.

• Treatment of civilians during armed conflicts.

• Detention of prisoners of conscience.

• Rights of refugees and migrants.

• Women's and children's rights.