Dear Euro-Med Monitor supporters,

Seven days have passed since we filed an official request with the United Nations for an investigation into the illegal detention of Palestinian journalist Mohammed al-Qeeq. With each passing hour his health is becoming more precarious. The latest news is that al-Qeeq, 33, is in critical condition, lapsing in and out of consciousness, his temperature soaring, his hands becoming gangrenous due to the pressure of his handcuffs and his eyesight failing. To prevent him from suffering irreversible damage or from dying, intervention is urgent.

If you have not been following his case, here is some brief background: Al-Qeeq was arrested from his Ramallah home, reportedly by 10 Israeli soldiers, at 3 a.m. on 21 November. The vague charge: "Media incitement against Israelis." Since then, he has been held without a proper trial in Jalameh Prison, interrogated for 25 consecutive days and frequently deprived of sleep, blindfolded and chained to a chair.

Using the only form of protest available to him, al-Qeeq launched a hunger strike on 25 November. According to the Tel-Aviv-based Physicians for Human Rights, he has been tied to his bed while prison wardens forced him to receive an infusion of salts and vitamins, despite the fact that medical and human rights groups around the world consider forced-feeding to be torture and administrative detention to be illegal.

Please join us in our appeal to the UN OHCHR's Working Group on Arbitrary Detention. Please email [email protected], and ask that they support our petition to act with extreme haste, investigating al-Qeeq's case and publicly condemning any further mistreatment.

Only together can we win life and justice for Mohammed al-Qeeq!