Damage to European Union-funded projects in Palestine during Israeli attacks and other incursions is nothing new. However, following the union’s move in 2015 to label Israeli settlement products, the number of EU-funded projects demolished or confiscated by Israel increased dramatically. In the first three months of 2016, the number of demolitions per month, of either private property or Internationally/EU–funded projects, increased to 165, from an average of 50 during 2012-2015, The United Nations office for coordination of humanitarian affairs 'OCHA' has documented 120 demolitions against EU-financed buildings in the first three months of 2016.

Euro-Med Monitor estimates that since 2001, the Israeli authorities have destroyed approximately 150 development projects, of which totally or partial funded by the EC and its member states, of what incurs the EU a financial loss of approximately €58 million out of the total €85 million worth of damage.

Euro-Med Monitor also estimates that since 2001, the total value of EU squandered aid money (development and humanitarian projects)amounts to €65million—of which at least €23million were lost during the 2014 assault alone. 

In this report, Euro-Med Monitor analyzes the Israeli destruction of EU-funded projects and structures in the Occupied Palestinian territories (Opt) in the period between 2001 – May 2016, using what limited public data are available; since this information is actively suppressed by European officials to avoid embarrassment. We challenge the legality of the destruction, discuss its “chilling effect” on the willingness of donors to continue the rebuilding of Gaza and examine the negative impact on the credibility of European bodies during negotiations for a possible peace. 


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