Inspired by the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor's New Year message, " Keep Calm, Stay Human " chairman of board of trustees, Professor Richard Falk, talked about a moment that he described as "a biopolitical crisis" resulted from human rights violations and producing extinctions of innocent civilians. "I will do my best to heed this advice [Keep Calm, Stay Human]," he said. " Treat others, near and far, with the dignity they and you deserve, and do your utmost to protect those vulnerable within your reach whether family, community, country, world," he added.

The Euro-Med Monitor continues to carry forward the essence of this message, i.e. defending equality, supporting Sustainable Development Goals and promoting universal values of human right. Recently entering its fifth year of operation, the Euro-Med Monitor has expanded its advocacy work to defend the rights of refugees and migrants, women and children, and victims of occupation and discrimination.

Part of this expansion has been a series of meetings with international leading organizations, parliaments and policy institutes. "Our support of women and refugee rights through advocacy and lobbying, empowering women, engaging youth through internship and mentorship programs will only increase in 2017," Ramy Abdu, chairman of Euro-Med Monitor, said.

"These groups continue to be marginalized and offended. Without our work, this marginalization and offense will only increase."