Under the auspice of British MP and Ex-Development Minister of Britain, Claire Short, Euro-Med Monitor
for Human Rights has inaugurated its regional office in the Gaza strip. A number of International
politicians, journalists, peace activists participated in the event.

Short asserted on the importance of cooperation between Human Rights organizations in the Middle
East with their counterparts in Europe to guarantee forming a framework that aims at eliminating
Human Rights violations not only observing it.

She also hoped that Euro-Med Monitor will contribute to the culture of Human Rights empowering.
In addition to that, she hoped that the establishment of this organization will help in solidifying the
concept of Justice, Freedom and Transparency.

Dr. Rami Abdu, Director of Euro-Med Monitor, stated that his organization attempts to protect
civilians in the local communities throughout the Middle East and North Africa. According to him, the
organization will mainly focus on helping marginalized people who are victims of either their level of
understanding or the social and economic crisis within their societies.

Further, he added that Euro-Med Monitor is not only set to monitor or observe human rights violation (Social,
Economic and Cultural rights) but also to work practically with European and International organizations
to adopt key Human Rights issues. And also to reject the double standards policy and regulations in
dealing with the Israeli occupation.

By her part, member of Euro-Med Monitor Executive Board, Nadin Rajab, said that the changes in the Arab region
showed that there is a strong need for an independent organization that works far from any local or
regional pressure. An organization; that could exert pressure on the sides committing Human Rights

Swiss journalist, Silvia Catori, said that opening of the first Euro-Mid (Euro-Med Monitor is registered in Europe its
HQ is based in Switzerland, Geneva) branch in the Middle East is a good chance to reactivate the issues
of Human Rights violations on the international level to mobilize support against the perpetrators and
hold them accountable to the before the international bodies.

Euro-Med Monitor is registered in Europe its HQ is based in Switzerland, Geneva. Its Middle East regional office
is based in Palestine in addition to that; it has a number of representatives in the Middle East countries
and North Africa.