The The Euro-Mediter ranean Human Rights Monitor
condemned strongly the arrest of Palestinian Journalist, Isra’ Salhab, after being called for investigation last Wednesday by the Israeli occupation.  Her arrest comes at a time where the Palestinian territories increasingly witness a number of violations against the freedom of journalists.

Euro-Med Monitor considered the arrest of Salhab, 26, in occupied Jerusalem is part of the pressure and restrictions measures against the freedom of Press and expression. Her arrest came 4 days after the arrest of journalist, Raed Sharif, from his home in Hebron.

“Palestinian journalists are constant target of Israeli occupation where they always detained, beaten or hindered to practice their work at the Israeli checkpoints. These acts are flagrant violations of Human Rights enshrined from International charters and accords. They are classified as crimes in accordance with the articles of International Laws” said Euro-Med Monitor.

The Obsever points out that Israeli occupation forces refuses International conventions related to freedom of expression; where journalists working in the Palestinian territories are subject to such attacks on a daily. It is worth to mention that there are 5 journalists are in Israeli prisons without any charges.

Euro-Med Monitor revealed that it has contacted a number of Politicians in MPs in Europe regarding Slahb’s case. Also, it has contacted the Human Rights Council of the United Nations to clarify the violation of Israel over her arrest according to the article 19 of International Human Rights Declaration.

The organization also added that the arrest is against article 19 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (1966), and the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, and European and American Conventions on Human Rights "