Israeli Occupation forces release Palestinian journalist, Isra’ Salhab, 26, Monday noon after arresting her for 2 weeks at the Masqobia detention centre in occupied Jerusalem.

Head of Prisoners Club in Jerusalem, Nasir Qawas, said that Israeli occupation court decided to release her after a court session held in Jerusalem city. He didn’t mention if there were any conditions in return of her release like fine or home arrest. 

Salhab was arrested last month after she was called for an interview of investigation at Masqobia detention centre in occupied Jerusalem. It is notable that her husband Shadi is in the prison for more than 1 month.

Euro-Med Monitor for Human Rights (Euro-Med Monitor) expressed its content over the release of Salhab without any conditions placed on her after 12 days of arrest in Israeli prisons.  It also highly valued the position of International Human Rights Council over its pressure on Israel to release journalist Salhab.  The Council interfered as she was arrested unfairly and based on political causes. 

The regional office manager of Euro-Med Monitor, Amani Al Senwar, stated that Arbitrary Arrest Committee of the International Human Rights Council answered the request of Euro-Mid sent last Monday to intervene to release Salhab. Accordingly, the committee requested various information about the causes of her arrest as well as the motives of the occupation.

Further, she added that the committee promised to work on releasing Salhab without any conditions as they knew the reasons behind the arrest which turned to be pure political reasons based on her journalistic background.

Euro-Med Monitor for Human Rights which is based in Geneva called on an immediate stoppage of targeting journalists in the occupied Palestinian territories.  It also requested that that a suitable sound environment of free opinions and freedom of expression be established.

Upon the arrest of Salhab,Euro-Med Monitor acted practically by preparing a special file on her issue as well as her colleagues was sent to the Arbitrary Arrest Committee of the International Human Rights Council.