PNA calls for an end to Israel's travel prohibitionagainst Palestinians

RAMALLAH, December 25 (Xinhua) -- The Palestinian National Authority (PNA) on Sundayurged the international community to help end Israel's practices that violate the Palestinians'right to travel.

"The world human rights organizations must work jointly to oblige Israel to respect our right totravel and freedom of movement," said Ghassan al-Khatib, the PNA's spokesperson.

Al-Khatib's comments came after the Geneva-basedThe Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor Network published a detailed report which shows that Israel has banned nearly 4,000 peoplefrom the West Bank
from traveling through al-Karama crossing between Jordan and Israel sincethe beginning of this year.

The report also points out that in two thirds of such cases, Palestinians were subject tohumiliating treatment such as interrogation by intelligence officers and long hours of waiting indifficult conditions.

"It is an important report issued by a highly trusted organization," al-Khatib added. "It showshow Palestinians ... have been suffering on a daily basis."

He stressed such practices are a blatant violation of human rights, cause grave damage to thePalestinian economy and hinder the government from providing services for its citizens.