GENEVA- The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor launches its new website with improved sophisticated features. The new website design complements the latest developments in the fields of design and content, improving the site’s navigation and usability, making it more attractive visually with easy access to multimedia content.

The new design reflects the youthful spirit of the youth-led organization, where young people are the backbone of the team, and its activities and projects are mostly targeted at young people. Through the new design, followers and viewers now can easily browse data and reports, videos and images.

The interest of the Euro-Mediterranean team stems from the fact that it relies heavily on new media tools and its use in lobbying, advocacy and awareness-raising campaigns on human rights violations in the region.

Sandra Owen, a Euro-Med Monitor's spokeswoman assured the importance of enriching and developing human rights content on the Internet, building a comprehensive human rights database in e-content and key reference for researchers and those interested in the field.

The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor is a non-profit, non-governmental organization headquartered in Geneva with regional offices, experts and representatives across Europe and the MENA region. Euro-Med Monitor's main objective is elevating the awareness of and appreciation for human rights law in the countries of the region by monitoring and documenting violations within their areas of work and influence European and international human rights organizations to put pressure on world decision-makers to end abuses.