In April 17, Join "Thirst for Freedom"

International solidarity day with Palestinian detainees on hunger strike

April 17 has been named a day of international solidarity with Palestinian detainees in Israeli jails, where  the Palestinian detainees are on hunger strike in protest of their detention without trial and prolonged, inhumane treatment.

We, the non-governmental organizations (NGOs) listed below, praise the detainees for their courage and strength of conviction, despite their often intense suffering. We are aware that the oldest two detainees have been isolated for 13 consecutive years under conditions that border on torture.

  • Cells are no larger than two and a half square meters, and detainees are permitted fresh air or sunlight only one hour per day, with their hands and legs cuffed in a cruel, offensive manner.
  • Rooms are searched without warning in the middle of the night. 
  • Detainees are repeatedly strip searched, sometimes in front of their families during visits, humiliating them in the eyes of their loved ones.
  • Detainees from the Gaza Strip are prohibited from receiving visits from their relatives, a “privilege” denied them since 2006 on “security” grounds. Some prisoners from the West Bank and Jerusalem suffer the same deprivation. 

Israel’s refusal to honor both the internationally recognized right of to due process and humane treatment while in detention is a flagrant violation of international law.

We call upon the international community to pressure the government of Israel to end administrative detention without charge or trial, release all such prisoners currently behind bars, and until then, allow all families of detainees regular visits.

We the undersigned pledge to take all necessary actions to support the brave decision of Palestinian detainees to protest their treatment with their bodies.