The Euro-Mediterrnean Human Rights Monitor is a Geneva-based non-profit, non-governmental organization with regional offices, experts and representatives in Europe and the Middle East. The Euro-Med Monitor’s work not only documents human rights violations but provides aid to and partners with other human rights organizations to achieve the desired impact and change.

Through its projects and detailed reports, the Human Rights Monitor’s seeks to shed light on marginalized groups, help improve their humanitarian situation and support them, and make the required recommendations for dealing with humanitarian crises and help those affected.


Euro-Med’s Festival for Human Rights Short Films

The Euro-Mediterrnean Human Rights Monitor is launching the first edition of the “Euro-Med Monitor Human Rights Short Films Festival” simultaneously with the eighth anniversary of the Monitor's work. The festival, however, aims to appreciate the efforts of filmmakers, journalists, artists and activists who use their artworks to express their points regarding human rights issues in the Middle East, North Africa and Europe, and address them in a sufficient manner in which the public can easily understand the real situation of the violations taking place in those areas.


General Terms:

  • Filmmakers may participate as individuals, teams, and companies/institutions.
  • No more than one film per participant should be submitted.
  • The duration of work should be between 3 to 15 minutes.
  • The film should not have shown on any channel or electronic platform.
  • The film should discuss a human rights issue in the Middle East, Africa, and Europe.
  • English subtitles for non-English films should be provided.
  • The work should not contain any incendiary, obscene, or defamatory materials, and the silm-maker bears the full responsibility if any of such materials are found.
  • The submitted work should be produced after January 2018.
  • The quality of the film should be in HD (1920x1080) and a minimum of 16X9 aspect ratio.
  • The applicant pledges that all information provided in the application are true and accurate.
  • The festival’s management team has the right to accept or reject any work without giving reasons.


Production and intellectual property rights

  • The participant pledges to obtain all copy-rights licenses for the materials used in the production of the work submitted for the competition. The participant pledges to get the agreement of all participants in the work and bears a full responsibility for any financial, literary, intellectual or criminal claim that may be raised by any third party.
  • The Euro-Med for Human Rights Monitor reserves the right to copy and use materials submitted by participants online or wherever the organization deems appropriate for promotional and archival purposes.


The awards will be announced at a special closing ceremony in the Lebanese capital - Beirut on November 15, 2019, as we celebrate the eighth anniversary of the Euro-Med’s work, after a comprehensive evaluation of the work by a specialized jury, which includes a selection of filmmakers, producers, activists and journalists in the human rights field. The prizes will be as follows:

First award: 3000Euros.

Second award: 2000Euros.

Third award: 1000 Euros.

- We will receive works starting from the 15th of September until the 30th of November 2019, at 23:59. No applications will be considered after this date.

- Send the film's information to this email: [email protected]. Please, make sure to include the name of the work, filmmaker, email address, Facebook or Twitter accounts, and a YouTube link of the work.