Jerusalem- The Israeli authorities continued its violations of the rights of the Palestinian population in Jerusalem in September, in line with the Israeli official political policies, and in light of international silence towards repeated violations in the city that pave the way for war crimes and ethnic cleansing.


The Geneva-based organization said in its monthly report, which monitors Israeli violations in Jerusalem, that it documented 376 Israeli violations against Palestinians and their property in September, which fall under 16 categories of human rights violations.

According to the Euro-Med Monitor report, the most serious Israeli violations were the establishment of a new outpost by Israeli settlers in the desert of As-Sawahira, east of Jerusalem, under the protection of Israeli forces, which means confiscating 470 dunums on which 850 Palestinians live in 18 Bedouin communities. This policy aims to ensure the Israeli settlements’ presence and plans to change the demographic character of the city.

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