It is my solemn duty, as Chair of Board of Trustees of Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor, to introduce this comprehensive and alarming Report, aptly titled Gaza: The Dead-Zone, that presents overwhelming evidence of the prolonged and unlawful victimization of the civilian population of the Gaza Strip. This structure of victimization has intensified since the imposition of a comprehensive blockade that has entrapped the Gazan people ever since 2006 in a particularly severe and cruel form of collective punishment, which is itself a war crime.

This long-lasting humanitarian scandal in the world involves the entire Palestinian population of Gaza, and challenges the conscience of all of humanity. Such conditions have grown especially harsh since Israel imposed this strict blockade on Gaza in 2006, augmented by a variety of restrictions imposing daily unendurable hardships on the civilian population. The people of Gaza numbering close to 2 million, including its large refuge population (about 70% of the total) has been continuously subjected to various forms of collective punishment, which violates the prohibition of Article 33 of the Fourth Geneva Convention. Article 33 unconditionally prohibits such policies and practices, and is considered a vital norm of international humanitarian law.

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