Euro-Med Monitor for Human Rights expressed its intense concern over preventing Syrian Refugees to Jordan from joining schools and resuming their study.

Euro-Med Monitor said in a statement issued on Thursday, September 13, that Syrian students, who took refuge in Jordan and now residing in Alzaatari refugee camp sponsored by the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), are unable to join school.

According to preliminary estimates, 4000 Syrian students in Alzaatari camp could not join the regular education process which started two weeks ago,Euro-Med Monitor statement added.

Euro-Med Monitor , based in Geneva, urged the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and the Jordanian authorities to find an education opportunity for the Syrian refugees banned from joining the Jordanian public schools outside the camp while it is impossible for them to continue their schooling back in Syria.

Euro-Med Monitor warned against stripping off the Syrian students in Alzaatari camp from their right to education as what happened with hundreds of Iraqi refugees who took refuge in Alruwaished Jordanian camp few years ago.

In the same context, Euro-Med Monitor  hailed the initiatives undertaken by the international field hospitals, and also the efforts made by civil society institutions in providing psychological rehabilitation for refugees and particularly children. However,Euro-Med Monitor called for regulating and expanding this sector so that it would meet the demands of the increasing numbers of refugees that reached 30,000.

Euro-Med statement said that dozens of children had come to Alzaatari camp without their parents and others, who witnessed scenes of bloody violence in their country,  are suffering from shock and depression and are in need for  immediate Psychiatric rehabilitation. Those children also need regular works and entertainment programs.