Euro-Med Monitor for Human Rights warned against the recurrence of Israeli breaches on the truce agreed with the Palestinians 8 days ago, saying this may erupt a new cycle of violence. 

Euro-Med Monitor statement, issued Thursday Nov. 29th, expressed Euro-Med Monitor's grave concern over Israel's violations of the truce signed back in Nov. 21st after an 8-day Israeli military aggression that resulted in the death of 167 Palestinians, and 5 Israelis.

The statement said Euro-Med Monitor has documented 7 Israeli breaches against the Egyptian-brokered truce causing the death of a Palestinian, injuring 38 others, and detaining 9 fishermen.   

Euro-Med Monitor further explained that Israeli soldiers opened their machine gun fire at a group of Palestinian farmers near Karem Abu Salem, which is under Israeli control, eastern Rafah. Consequently, two farmers were wounded in the incident. Ashraf Zakout was wounded by Israeli bullets near the borders in Rafah, moreover.

One more Palestinian farmer was killed, and 25 others were injured by Israeli gunfire in Khan Younis southern the strip; while around their agricultural lands close to the borders to the east of the city. On top of that, a Palestinian resident was killed after his head was hit by Israeli sniper shooting to the east of Khan-Younis.

Two more Palestinians were wounded, later on, by Israeli gunfire in Farraheen area near the borders. Seven other Palestinians were wounded in the middle area of the strip by Israeli snipers, of whom one was seriously injured. Finally, Israeli navy detained 9 Palestinian fishermen while plying their trade after opening fire at their fishing boats. 

Euro-Med Monitor for Human Rights, based in Geneva, demanded the Israeli authorities to respect the agreed truce and prevent another cycle of violence from erupting, and also called on the Palestinians to control themselves, and not to allow themselves to be dragged into the cycle of retaliation against Israeli breaches. 

Euro-Med Monitor stressed on the significant role of the international community, and the UN in pushing towards respecting the ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, and in maintaining a long term calm that is respected by all sides.

Euro-Med Monitor, moreover, emphasized the necessity of questioning Israel regarding any future breaches that may renew violence in the strip.