The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor welcomed the Gaza Strip Attorney General decision to re-arrest the father and murderer of Madeleine Jaraba’, urging the relevant authorities to immediately carry out the procedures related to the decision.

Nada Nabil, Euro-Med Monitor’s spokeswoman in the Palestinian Territories said: “A few days ago, the Public Prosecution released the murderer of Jaraba’, who is her father, under the pretext of the so-called ‘waiver of the guardians of the victim’, a measure that spares the killer the legal punishment. However, the judiciary should bring to account the killer for undermining the general right of the state to prevent the reoccurrence of such crimes that threaten the security and safety of the society. It is unjustified that the criminal is granted the right to pardon himself and escape punishment in this disgraceful manner.

“It is terrible to see criminals -- specifically domestic violence criminals -- free and safe from prosecution in light of the escalation of violations against women in the Arab region. Jordan and the West Bank witnessed during the past few days crimes in which women were killed by their fathers for similar motives, while it does not seem -- given the current laws -- that justice for victims is at hand.

“The Attorney General’s decision must become a real shift in the way this type of crimes is dealt with, and not a merely exception to calm the angry street not to escalate domestic crimes. We call on the legislative bodies to enact more stringent legislations to hold domestic crimes perpetrators accountable, and ensure that they do not go unpunished.”