An European organization for human rights called to enable protection and relief for Palestinian refugees in camps under attack of Syrian government.

Euro-Med Monitor for human rights said in its statement on Thursday 20th Dec, hundreds of families in Yarmouk and Deraa' camps were forced by government fire to be displaced near Lebanon and Jordanian borders, while they are facing difficulties in reaching a safe sanctuary.

Palestinian refugees in Lebanon exceeded 2000 refugee suffer from clear UN neglect, where none of food or medical aid were provided.

Euro-Med Monitor called to an urgent action presides by UNRWA and related organizations to provide aid for Palestinian refugees, including coordination with Jordanian and Lebanese governments to remove any constraints preclude their moving across borders.

In the same context, , practical steps shall be done after international condemnation about frequently pumping against Palestinian camps  deter this frequent targeting on areas protected by the international law, Euro-Med Monitor asserts.

Euro-Med Monitor noted that if armed people hide inside camps, this doesn't   give the right to pump civilians randomly, for what implies on breaches of law may reaches "war crimes".

 Finally, Euro-Med Monitor claims UN to deal responsibly in working immediately on taking weapons from camps on Syrian lands, and calls all dispute parties to put Palestinians refugees who are more than 520000 refugees outside their disputation.