Over recent weeks, a particularly grave humanitarian crisis has emerged in the Rif Damascus Governorate, where several Palestine refugee camps are situated. In areas which had already seen months of insecurity, armed engagements have intensified and a siege-like situation has become the context for severe suffering.

Alongside Syrians, Palestine refugees who live in significant numbers in Rif Damascus are being killed, seriously injured, and displaced in much larger numbers than before.

Palestine refugees who remain in Khan Eshieh Camp, Husseiniyeh, Qabr Essit Camp, and Sbeineh Camp, are trapped in harsh conditions. They live under direct threat of harm from the conflict while external flight options remain limited. They experience acute shortages of food, water, electricity, health care, and other essential supplies. Many are not able to seek safety due to the physical risks associated with movement. These risks also prevent UNRWA from safely reaching these areas to deliver humanitarian assistance.

UNRWA deplores the suffering inflicted on civilians in Syria and calls on all sides to do everything possible to ease it, including refraining from conducting the conflict in residential areas. All sides must conduct themselves in ways that safeguard human life; protect civilians; ensure safe and free movement for civilians and allow unimpeded access to UNRWA and other humanitarian agencies.


Source: UNRWA News