Cairo - Geneva

Euro-Med Monitor for Human Rights called on all Egyptian political factions and parties to work on to ensure the peaceful nature of public demonstrations and lift the legal and political cover for those who are involved in the current violence and attacks.

In a statement issued on Friday, Euro-Med Monitor said that while Egypt is going through critical moments due to the current events and tensions, fears are growing in regard to possible security threats to the safety of a large percentage of the Egyptian people.

The ongoing sharp political rift in Egypt about running the country and development after the fall of the former regime, is dominated by the tendency of the followers of different political factions to use violence in a way that threatens the safety and security of the Egyptian society.

Euro-Med Monitor warned of the consequences of such violence in the streets which might influence the future of the political transition process negatively, and leading the country to entering a dark tunnel.

The human rights organization expressed its deep concerns regarding the possible escalation of violence, chaos, and increasing casualties during the Sunday (30/6/2013) coming demonstrations. The organization also condemned the "war of words" by the Egyptian factions and groups.

In the meanwhile, the majority of these groups were silent as violent incidents and attacks were spreading in country in the last few days, causing many casualties.

Euro-Med Monitor demanded the Egyptian government to protect the right to demonstrate and freedom of expression through peaceful means as guaranteed by international conventions and laws.

In the same time, the Euro-Med Monitor urged the Egyptian government to maintain law and order, to put the security situation under control, and pursue the perpetrators of the violent acts and bring them to justice, according to related laws.

It urged all Egyptian parties and groups, media and activists to denounce the incitement and Incendiary rhetoric, and condemn the violence in all forms.

Euro-Med Monitor called on the political parties to lift its political cover for any violent acts committed by its supporters, and any inciting statements by its spokespersons or representatives in order to avoid bloodshed, to save the country and bringing it back to stability.