(Geneva) - Euro-Med Monitor for Human Rights condemned the killing of tens of Egyptian protesters in front of the the Republican Guard Headquarters in the capital Cairo, on Tuesday morning, while they were demanding the reinstatement of the deposed president Mohammed Morsi, last week.

In a statement published on Tuesday (8/7/2013), the Geneva-based human rights organization said that the escalating events in Egypt are an indication to a possible catastrophic situation, after the killing of those protesters, including women and children, according to eyewitnesses and several sources.

The Muslim Brotherhood Movement said that its members were attacked with gun fires, during their sit-in on Tuesday's early morning, and that the death toll is up to more than (30) people, but the Egyptian Army accused a "terrorist group" tried to break into the Guard's headquarter.

The Euro-Med Monitor stated that all justifications and narratives until now can't be used in justifying the bloody use of force, and condemned this "crime" that targeted the unarmed peaceful protesters.

It expressed its deep concerns in regard to the current situation in Egypt, and implications of the deposition of the democratically elected president, and disruption the newly voted constitution, which it considered contradicting the rules of democracy, and foundations of the law.

To bring this crisis to an end, the Euro-Med Monitor demanded the return of the legitimate leadership and restore its authority in accordance with constitution, start an effective national dialogue with guarantees to fulfill the legitimate demands of the opposition, allay their fear, move forward towards the parliamentary elections.

The undetermined length of the transition period, and the date of the next presidential elections are considered a matter of concern, as Euro-Med Monitor considered, and this raise the fears over the extension of this period to unknown time limits.

This threatens Egypt's nascent democracy, abandons the demands of January 25th revolution, which struggled to establish a new democratic regime in the country. Accordingly, Euro-Med Monitor asserted that the steps followed the Egyptian Army ouster of the elected president have violated the human rights and the rule of law.

It condemned the use of excessive force with protesters against the Army decisions, which caused tens of casualties until now, in addition to arbitrary arrests of political figures illegally, closure of a number of TV channels without a warrant, and arrest of their staff.

Euro-Med Monitor called for a transparent and democratic regime, that respect the public votes, listens to the opposition, encourages the contribution of the civil society, guarantees the rights of minorities, restore Egypt's stability, and takes it towards prosperity.