Geneva – Despite the continuous violations in the MENA region and the consequent responsibility on the shoulders of human rights defenders around the world, it is crucial to recognize the small steps that, in the long term, will bring considerable improvements towards ending infringements and the redress of victims.

In September, our team worked alongside partner organizations and dozens of regional and international organizations to bring real change in this regard by addressing decision-makers about practices and methodologies that should be addressed, reformed, or completely stopped; and harnessing the power of social media to engage the public virtually in issues that affect their rights and human dignity.


Among the most important results of these efforts:



On September 11, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi launched the "National Strategy for Human Rights" to enhance the state's policies in dealing with relevant files to promote respect for all rights, including the right to participate in political life and form parties, NGOs, and trade unions.

Last July, Euro-Med Monitor and partner organizations called on the Egyptian authorities to amend a law restricting the work of NGOs in Egypt.

Press release: Euro-Med and HUMENA: Egypt's amendment of law restricting NGOs work setback to right to assembly



On September 15, the Bahraini government finally released 30 prisoners, most of them prisoners of conscience, under a 2017 "alternative sentences" law that allows prisoners who have spent at least half of their sentences in prison to complete them outside prison through measures including home detention and electronic monitoring.

Over the past years, Euro-Med Monitor and its partners have repeatedly called on the Bahraini authorities to release human rights and political activists and change their policy restricting freedom of expression and opinion.

Press releases: Bahrain: Activist’s Speech-Charges Trial to Resume; Bahrain acts once again to suppress freedom of the press.



On September 20, the Libyan government, in cooperation with the Moroccan authorities, responded to official letters addressed by the Euro-Med Monitor to the Libyan and Moroccan authorities, calling on them to end the suffering of hundreds of Moroccan migrants detained in Libya.

In its speech, Euro-Med Monitor had called on the authorities to visit the detention centers of Moroccan citizens and start preparing their identification papers and travel documents in preparation for their return to Morocco.

Press release: Libya: Hundreds of Moroccan migrants held in inhumane conditions


Saudi Arabia

On September 20, Euro-Med Monitor received information about the suspension of decisions to dismiss Yemeni academics and doctors from their work in the southern regions of Saudi Arabia, after 13 international and Yemeni human rights organizations sent a petition to the United Nations Committee on Migrant Workers, expressing concern about the kingdom ending the contracts of thousands of Yemeni workers in the south of the country.

Press release: 13 rights groups complain to UN over Saudi Arabia’s laying off 1000s of Yemeni workers



On September 23, the suspended Tunisian parliament member, Yassin Ayari, who had carried out a hunger strike denouncing the military trials affecting civilians in the country, was released.

Euro-Med Monitor had addressed the Tunisian authorities, calling for the release of the MP and respect for his parliamentary immunity in accordance with the Tunisian constitution, and not to take advantage of the current exceptional circumstances to infringe on rights and freedoms.

Press release: Tunisia: Euro-Med Monitor calls for the release of hunger striker MP Yassin Ayari



On September 29, the successful completion of an exchange deal for over 200 prisoners and detainees between the Houthi group and the local authority in Taiz governorate was officially announced.

Early this year, Euro-Med Monitor has urged the Houthi group to immediately and unconditionally release all detainees, reveal the fate of the forcibly disappeared, work for their return to their families without restriction or threat of prosecution, and stop the practice of torture or any form of inhuman treatment against detainees in prisons. affiliated with the group.

Press release: “I wished to die”: New report documenting the suffering of prisoners in Houthi prisons.



On September 30, the National Committee for the Release of Detainees announced the release of activist Yassin al-Mubaraki after serving a one-year prison sentence for his critical writings on religious beliefs.

Euro-Med Monitor had repeatedly called on the Algerian authorities to immediately release all prisoners of conscience and to fulfill the pledges of Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune to carry out political reforms and enable freedoms.

Press release: Arresting peaceful activists in Algeria is a blow to freedom of expression.