While most countries began easing the pandemic-related shutdown measures, violations raised in various areas in the Middle East and North Africa, including targeting civilians during armed conflicts and arrests over expression of opinion. Meanwhile, several European countries have adopted violent or discriminatory policies and measures against asylum seekers and migrants. Euro-Med Monitor has continued to work non-stop throughout the pandemic to bring attention to and help put an end to the human rights violations in the region.

In 2021, our team returned to work from the office and in the field, after having to work remotely in 2020 due to the lockdown. We relied on field documentation of violations, launched a number of projects, and organized training courses and seminars in several areas.

We also celebrated our tenth anniversary in 2021. During the past decade, we achieved many of our goals and set new ones for the coming years.

After ten years of operation, we are proud of being one of the lowest spending human rights organizations in MENA according to the Activity-Based Cost Accounting (ABC) standard. Yet, we targeted more than 10,000 beneficiaries with various programs, projects, and activities while allowing a number of our target groups the opportunity to set our work priorities in their countries.

We were able to support 42 human rights organizations in our work areas by financing small activities and projects targeting victims of armed conflicts or by providing technical and logistical support to these organizations.

Since our launch, we started 23 projects aimed at the most vulnerable groups in MENA and Europe and implemented 356 activities that included training courses, seminars, and lobbying and advocacy campaigns targeting victims and decision-makers.

We played a part in introducing 34 parliamentary resolutions in the European Union and its member states’ parliaments to support human rights issues. Our legal team submitted 433 complaints and correspondence to United Nations organizations and national litigation mechanisms on individual and collective violations.

This annual report reviews examples of our 2021 activities and some good news we, in cooperation with our partners, had a role in making.