Like the rest of the Syrian population, Palestinian refugees started an exodus yet again to neighboring countries. With rare exceptions, Jordanian authorities at the Syrian border are routinely and unlawfully rejecting Palestinian refugees seeking asylum at its border with Syria. Additionally, the Jordanian government has deported Palestinian-Syrian refugees that have managed to enter Jordan. 

The number of Palestine refugees from Syria in Jordan has now reached 11,000 – about half of them being children. They have no source of income. They are not allowed into established camps like Za’atari and lack therefore access to services and aid. In its Syria Regional 2014 Crisis Response , UNWRA expects the number to rise up to 20,000 Palestinian-Syrian refugees. These refugees are hiding their identity in Jordan in fear of being deported back to Syria.

“Help Syria Through The Winter” (HSTTW) campaign, with the support of the Euro-Mid Observer of Human Rights, is launching an international campaign to shed the light on the severe violations this vulnerable group of refugees is subjected to.

We urge you to spread the awareness and donate generously.

Donations across Maldives: EHEE Jamiyya Bank Details: Maldives Islamic Bank EHEE JAMIYYA 9901 01 55500025 100 REF: MEDICAL14