Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor’s key strategy and philosophy is to involve its target groups in the decision-making and implementation process of its programmes and activities. Therefore, 2022 was another year of working tirelessly to enable victims to empower themselves and their communities, as well as transform these victims from passive recipients of support into active human rights defenders.

Throughout 2022, Euro-Med Monitor launched and/or continued to implement five projects designed for victims—primarily youth living in conflict areas in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region—to participate in. Through attending various trainings, activities, and events, these young people were able to attain vital skills such as capacity-building, awareness-raising, and even speaking out against violations or bringing other victims to speak out at the UN and other international institutions

Lobbying and advocacy are pillars of Euro-Med Monitor’s work due to its focus on cooperating with partners to pressure decision[1]makers into taking steps to limit human rights violations in Europe and the MENA region by sending urgent petitions and letters signed by officials, Members of Parliament, and international and local organisations. Petitions addressed issues such as prisoners of conscience, armed conflicts, cybercrime, freedom of the press, activist empowerment, and more. Euro-Med Monitor also launched media campaigns in collaboration with its partners, urging decision-makers and officials to act against human rights violations in their areas of responsibility

Euro-Med Monitor also issued nine human rights reports and policy briefs based on the documentation of field research teams in Europe and the MENA region. The reports documented the human rights situation and revealed grave violations committed by various parties in both Europe and the MENA region, based on testimonies collected from victims. The reports addressed several issues, including the increase of drowned and missing asylum seekers and migrants, European state policies toward refugees, restrictions on journalists, and armed conflicts.

This annual report reviews examples of our 2022 activities, which included capacity-building projects, training and awareness-raising, lobbying and advocacy, and documentation of human rights violations.

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