Occupied Palestinian Territories: An online campaign addressing violence against women in the occupied Palestinian territories was launched on Wednesday morning as part the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor’s Women’s Leadership Incubator project’s activities.


    The campaign aims at highlighting girls’ and women’s suffering from abuse as well as sexual and domestic violence, among other violations   

Nada Nabil, WLI’s Media Coordinator


The campaign was launched as part of the WLI’s ongoing activities aimed at raising awareness of women's rights and promoting their leadership roles inside the Palestinian community.

Launched from Press House-Palestine, dozens of public figures, university students, and women subjected to community and/or domestic violence took part in the #.خلوها_أورانجcampaign under the hashtags: #OrangeTheWorld, and #HearMeToo

The tweets highlighted traumatic experiences and raised awareness of the alarming numbers of victims to violence both in Gaza and the West Bank, quoting statistics by the Palestinian Bureau of Statistics and others.

The campaign aims primarily at involving all social groups in defending women's rights, said Nada Nabil, WLI’s Media Coordinator, adding that: “the campaign also aims at highlighting girls’ and women’s suffering from abuse as well as sexual and domestic violence, among other violations.”

The campaign wishes to draw official bodies’ attention to the importance of adopting and amending the Palestinian laws to ensure that women are protected against violence and marginalization in the various community fields, added Nada Nabil.

The campaign was not limited to the Palestinian territories, it rather included facts and figures on women's status in the entire MENA region, but with more focus on the Palestinian territories.

Among the inequities against women is jobs payments, where women are paid less than their male peers. Violations also include early marriage, physical and psychological abuse, high rates of illiteracy, and denial of family inheritance.

The campaign reviewed inspirational experiences of a group of women and girls who have been successful at overcoming harassment and marginalization in the Palestinian society and accomplished their goals despite all the obstacles they faced, said Nabil, stressing the importance of women’s persistence and survival to be leaders across all fields.

In January, the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor launched the second round of the Women's Leadership Incubator project to help empower Palestinian women in the Gaza Strip, promote gender equality, and encourage the integration of women into the community leadership structures by training local and NGO staff by including women as team leaders working to improve their living and work conditions in local institutions and communities.