25 January 2006 – Hamas wins most seats in parliamentary elections.

February 2006 – Israel decides to withhold millions of dollars of monthly tax revenue owed to the PA.

12 March 2006 – Israel closes its only passenger crossing on the Gaza-Israel border for Palestinians, allowing only special permit holders to cross.

March 2006 – USA suspends assistance to the PA, bans US government contacts with the PA, and prohibits unlicensed transactions with it.

25 June 2006 – Palestinian gunmen capture Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit during a cross-border raid.

28 June 2006 – Israel bombs Gaza’s sole power station and launches Operation Summer Rain, which continues until November and claims the lives of more than 457 people, a quarter of them children, and injures over 1,000.

9 June 2007 – Egypt closes its Rafah border with Gaza to the public. Until 1 June 2010, it only opens sporadically for special cases, such as medical patients, students and foreign visa holders.

12 June 2007 – Israel closes the Karni crossing used to bring in large quantities of commercial goods into Gaza.

15 June 2007 – Hamas controls the Gaza Strip.

September 2007 – Israel declares Gaza a “hostile entity” and imposes severe restrictions on the movement of individuals and the entry of gas and electricity supplies.

2 December 2007 – Israel's High Court rules that limiting fuel and electricity supplies to Gaza is in accordance with Israeli law.

February 2008 – Israel launches a 5-day aerial and ground attack on Gaza, Operation Hot Winter, killing at least 110 Palestinians, including 26 children.

4 November 2008 – Israel seals all border crossings and prevents all humanitarian aid and staff from entering Gaza.

27 December 2008 – Israel launches a 23-day military offensive (until 18 Jan 2009), dubbed Operation Cast Lead, against Gaza, killing at least 1,383 Palestinians, including 333 children and 114 women, and injuring over 5,300.

October 2012 – Israel reveals a 2008 document about restrictions it placed on entry of food between 2007 and 2010. The document calculates the minimum number of calories needed by Gaza residents and then uses this to determine the quantity of food allowed into the Strip.

14 November 2012 – Israel launches a four-day attack on Gaza (Operation Pillar of Defense), killing 162 Palestinians, injuring 1,300 others, and destroying 200 homes.

8 July 2014 – Israel launches a devastating 51-day attack on Gaza (Operation Protective Edge), killing 2,147 Palestinians, and wounding 10,870 others. 17,123 homes were hit, of which 2,465 were destroyed.

1 September 2015 – The UN warns that Gaza could become “uninhabitable” by 2020 due to the ongoing “de-development” of the Strip.

10 May 2021 Israel launches an 11-day attack on Gaza, killing 254 Palestinians, including 66 children, and injuring 1,948 others.

9 May 2023 – Israel launches a 5-day military campaign on Gaza, leaving 33 Palestinians killed, including 6 children and 3 women.