Join us!

Are you a Palestinian residing in Lebanon? Do you have good English skills? Do you want to help inform the world about human rights violations in Palestine? Interested in publishing your writing globally? Apply now to join the 2023 cohort of We Are Not Numbers!

Who we are

We Are Not Numbers (WANN) is a project of Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor. It aims to document the lived experiences and diverse perspectives of Palestinian people challenging the Israeli occupation, while also advancing the skills of the emerging generation of Palestinian writers.

How we work

WANN connects Palestinians aged 18-30 one-on-one with native English language speakers around the world who are professionals in the fields of creative writing and/or journalism. The objective of the writer-mentor pairing is to produce content – primarily personal essays – that conveys the humanity of the real people behind the numbers in the news stories about Palestine.

Most completed essays are published online at the WANN website (; some essays are also published or republished elsewhere. WANN members also participate in cultural and educational activities that enhance their understanding of the rights, history, and heritage of the Palestinian people.

Our goals

  • To give Palestinian youth a means of raising awareness in the Western world about the realities of life under occupation
  • To strengthen Palestinians’ international ties and overcome its isolation at both societal and individual levels
  • To develop the language skills of participants
  • To enhance participants’ self-confidence by creating space for personal and intellectual development, and by publishing their contributions on an international platform
  • To build awareness among participants of their human rights and their rich history and culture
  • To provide a supportive, creative environment that promotes positive mental health, in which participants can build their capacities in leadership, teamwork, and both critical and supportive thinking


  1. You must have good English language speaking and writing skills; the nature of the exercises and activities requires solid English communication skills. Training will focus on writing in the English language (mostly human-interest stories and news articles, written in the first-person narrative).
  2. You must be between 18 and 30 years old, as well as a university or graduate student.
  3. You must be willing to commit to about six hours a week for at least six months (plus weekly training).

Terms of Commitment

  1. Commitment to at least six months of training, meetings, and seminars
  2. Commitment to working with a mentor through the drafting and revision phases to complete at least one story per month
  3. Ability to connect periodically with the supervising mentor and the specialists providing training, as needed

Advantages of joining

  1. Receive training for a period of no less than six months, under the supervision of experts in different types of writing who are located around the world.
  2. Be paired with mentors who provide timely assistance and feedback on story ideas, essay development, and writing skills.
  3. Sharpen your linguistic, creative, and leadership skills.
  4. Have your writing published on the WANN website, promoted on social media platforms, and potentially republished by other outlets.
  5. Obtain access to employment opportunities with project partners.
  6. Benefit from a network of support in your efforts to apply for grants or jobs abroad, or during any stay abroad.

How to apply

To join the next cohort of We Are Not Numbers, please fill out the application here and complete any additional procedures as required. A shortlist of candidates will be interviewed, and up to 20 people will be selected for membership in the 2023 cohort.

The deadline to apply is Thursday, August 31, 2023, before 11:59 p.m.

If you have any questions or encounter any problems while filling out the application, please send an email to: [email protected]