Geneva – In a statement to the UN Human Rights Council’s 54th session, Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor warned of a sharp rise in Israeli settler violence in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (oPt), which is occurring under the political cover of the Israeli government.

Settler attacks in the first half of this year alone reached 1,148, nearly equalling the total number of attacks recorded in the previous year, which was 1,187. This increase indicates an unprecedented level of violence, with almost no accountability or punishment measures in place.

   The provocative rhetoric of far-right Israeli government ministers is a major contributor to the significant increase in settler violence   


In recent months, violent settler attacks classified as “nationalist terrorism”—even by Israel’s own security services—have resulted in the total displacement of seven Palestinian residential communities. Euro-Med Monitor stressed that the provocative rhetoric of far-right Israeli government ministers is a major contributor to the significant increase in settler violence, as the government supports settlers in various ways, including protecting them from security or judicial prosecution.

The Israeli army’s accompaniment and protection of settlers while they carry out attacks on Palestinian villages and towns clearly reflects Israel’s apartheid class system in the oPt. As an occupying power, Israel must shoulder its responsibility to ensure the safety and well-being of the occupied Palestinian population and hold perpetrators accountable.

Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor urges the international community to be present on the ground to protect vulnerable Palestinian communities at risk of displacement, as well as to take concrete steps to pressure Israel to end its military occupation, which is the root cause of destabilisation and tension.

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Mr. President,

The Youth Parliament and Euro-Med Monitor are gravely concerned by the escalating settler violence in the occupied Palestinian territories which even Israeli security agencies have labelled as nationalist terrorism, highlighting the severity of the situation.

2022 saw more than 1000 settler attacks on Palestinian communities. Shockingly, the first half of this year has seen as many attacks as the entirety of the previous one, with seven entire Palestinian communities being depopulated as a result of settler terrorism.

This violence is further deepened by the provocative speeches of the Israeli Far right ministers supporting settlers' crimes as well as the impunity settlers enjoy as they attack Palestinians while being protected by IDF soldiers, reflecting a two-tier system of this position.

Israel should assume its international responsibilities regarding the violation of the occupied Palestinians primordial rights and hold their responsible accountable.

We call on the international community to provide a protective presence on the ground for Palestinians at risk of forced displacement and to take concrete actions to end the Israeli military occupation, the root cause of destabilization and tension.

Thank you.