Geneva — The Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor revealed that thousands of Gaza laborers were subjected to horrific forms of torture by Israeli forces during their four-week detention, which resulted in the death of at least one of them.

Horrific testimonies were provided to Euro-Med Monitor after the deportation of over 3,000 of Palestinian workers to the Gaza Strip on Friday. It was confirmed that the worker Mansour Nabhan Warsh Agha, from the northern Gaza Strip, was tortured to death, while the fate of thousands more is still unknown.

The deported workers were reportedly blindfolded, their hands and feet bound, and transported on private Israeli buses to the Kerem Abu Salem crossing in southeast Gaza, according to testimony gathered by Euro-Med Monitor. They were forced to walk for more than five kilometers before reaching the Rafah crossing gate and entering the Gaza Strip.

A 62-year-old worker, identified as “AS,” told Euro-Med Monitor’s team upon his arrival in the Gaza Strip: "They detained us for ten days, during which we were subjected to harsh interrogation. They asked us for details regarding the Palestinian armed groups, and anyone who replied that he doesn’t have any information was mercilessly beaten."

“I suffer from diabetes and high blood pressure, and I suffer from a herniated disc. They kept us without food and medication for long periods of time, further worsening my difficult health condition. I arrived at my family’s place of displacement in the middle of the Gaza Strip, unable to move after walking long distances with my feet shackled, hands tied behind my back, and blindfolded.”

The workers were subjected to multiple forms of torture, beatings, and brutal abuse during their detention, as well as psychological intimidation during and after intensive investigations, Euro-Med Monitor confirmed.

The testimonies state that the workers suffered from unprecedented levels of abuse, including being left without food and water for several days, being tortured, electrocuted, and burned, as well as being sexually harassed and purposefully humiliated by urinating on their bodies.

Furthermore, many of the Palestinian workers were subjected to abuse by their Israeli employers, who also declined to pay their salaries. Some of these acts included spitting in their faces and insulting them.

Euro-Med Monitor expressed its shock at these illegal practices, calling on the International Labor Organisation and all relevant organisations to investigate these incidents of torture and abuse and hold those responsible accountable.