Geneva - The death toll of Israel’s gory genocide of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip has climbed to approximately 15,000 victims, according to the latest reports released by Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor.

Euro-Med Monitor said that 14,710 Palestinians have been killed so far, including the 3,300 missing people currently trapped under the rubble of destroyed buildings, who have little chance of being found alive.

Among the reported victims are 6,220 children and 3,412 women, while 1,680 children are reportedly missing. The number of Gazans who have sustained injuries is 32,314.

The Geneva-based human rights organisation also said 200 health personnel, 20 civil defense members, and 49 journalists have been killed in the Israeli attacks. Euro-Med estimates also indicate that there are still more than 1,650 million displaced people in the Strip, about half of whom are residing in United Nations Relief and Works Agency-run facilities amid inhumane conditions.

According to Euro-Med Monitor, 55,200 housing units have been completely destroyed by the Israeli attacks, while 160,700 others have been partially damaged. One hundred and fifteen health facilities, as well as 221 schools, 821 industrial facilities, 177 press offices, 68 mosques, and 3 churches, have also been targeted.

Euro-Med Monitor renewed its calls on all countries across the world to take decisive action to end the Israeli genocide against the people of the Gaza Strip, citing their legal obligations to stop this horrifying crime against humanity.

The rights group additionally reaffirmed its appeal for all pertinent international organisations, such as the Office for the Prevention of Genocide and the Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, to launch the required inquiries right away, and demanded that necessary preventative measures be implemented immediately to shield Palestinian civilians from further acts of genocide.