Geneva – Ahead of the first temporary humanitarian truce agreement in the Gaza Strip going into effect, Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor called for the formation of international human rights committees that would visit the Strip and document the magnitude of Israel’s crimes against Palestinian civilians.


Euro-Med Monitor emphasised that any United Nations fact-finding committees sent to investigate the situation in Gaza should gather victim testimonies in person and ascertain the rapidly worsening humanitarian situation with their own eyes.


The Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court should be tasked with taking the lead in this regard, said the rights organisation. It should be expected to dispatch representatives to conduct field visits in the Gaza Strip, in order to speak with victims and witnesses and oversee investigations at the scene of the crimes.


Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor simultaneously urged all international media outlets to take advantage of the truce by strengthening their field presence and reporting on any developments in Gaza’s humanitarian situation. This will help to disrupt the media blackout and the absence of foreign agencies and media correspondents on the ground since the beginning of the Israeli war.


The human rights organisation also called upon the UN and its agencies to fulfill their obligations by genuinely standing with Palestinian civilians and not settling for televised verbal declarations without substance or action, given Israeli leaders’ clear declaration that they intend to resume fighting with even greater vigor after the end of the temporary truce.