Geneva – In a new statement following the revelation that the United States has supplied Israel with 100 2,000-pound “bunker buster” bombs since the start of Israel’s genocide in the Gaza Strip on the Gaza Strip, Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor condemned the US action.

The aforementioned weapons are fortification-piercing bombs, with a warhead (BLU-109) that is known for its ability to deeply penetrate fortified structures before detonating and causing significant casualties among civilians. As such, their use is strictly forbidden in civilian and residential areas, Euro-Med Monitor said.

Since Israel began its genocide on the Gaza on 7 October, the US has been involved in providing Israel with additional offensive weapons and ammunition, including at least 15,000 bombs and 57,000 artillery shells. Given the extent of the war crimes being committed by Israel in the Strip, the airlift of billions of dollars in ammunition, particularly on C-17 military cargo planes travelling from the US to Israel, raises serious questions about the legitimacy of the flow of weapons during this time.

Although the quantity and type of weaponry that Washington transfers to Israel has not been not publicly disclosed, there have been reports of over 5,000 unguided Mk-82 bombs; over 5,500 bombs with 2,000-pound Mk-84 warheads; approximately 1,000 GBU-39 Small Diameter Bombs; and about 3,000 JDAM bombs.

While much of the global community is calling on Israel to respect international humanitarian law and the laws of war in its aggression on the Gaza Strip, Israel continues to flout this demand amid total impunity, said Euro-Med Monitor. Meanwhile, stressed the Geneva-Based rights organisation, the US keeps supplying the Israeli military with more weapons that are not allowed in civilian areas.

There is no statute of limitations for war crimes, stated Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor, emphasising that the United States is complicit in Israeli crimes against humanity, since it has transferred weapons that are internationally prohibited to Israel to be used against the 2.3 million Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip, a confined region that is no larger than 365 square kilometres.