Since October 7, Israel has comprehensively and directly targeted civilian infrastructure; used extreme and unprecedented levels of disproportionate force; and showed near-total disregard for civilian lives; sparing almost nothing in its attacks on the Gaza Strip, Euro-Med Monitor concluded in a new report released on Tuesday. The Israeli assault on Gaza can only be described as a genocide in the making.

The report, titled “War Diaries: Israel’s Genocide in the Making in Gaza”, chronicles and highlights some of the most egregious Israeli actions in Gaza on a day-by-day basis, some of which may amount to war crimes and even crimes against humanity.

According to documentation by Euro-Med Monitor’s team, at least 20,031 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza, including 8,176 children and 4,112 women, with a total of 18,460 civilians among them, more than 36,350 others have been injured, with about 70% of them being children and women.This figure includes over 4,800 missing individuals trapped under the rubble of destroyed buildings for days and week, and thus presumed dead.

During 48 days of the ongoing attack, Israel has completely destroyed 59,240 housing units and partially damaged 165,300 others. In addition, at least 124 health facilities (22 hospitals, 55 clinics, and 46 ambulances) have been completely or partially destroyed.

Over 266 schools were damaged; 140 press headquarters and media offices were fully or partially destroyed as well as 91 mosques and 3 churches. 1,040 industrial facilities were damaged. Over 1,730,000 Palestinians have been internally displaced in Gaza, which represents over 75% of the entire population.

“The vastness of the destruction in Gaza is deliberate and has been openly admitted by Israeli officials on record” Dr. RamyAbdu chairman of Euro-Med Monitor said. “Whether it’s the IDF spokesperson bragging about the focus being on damage and no accuracy or the agriculture minister calling the war a second ‘Nakba’ or the tens of other lawmakers and ministers reiterating this goal explicitly”.

“Israel is clearly hellbent on making a cautionary tale out of Gaza, to terrorize, punish, humiliate and crush its population to make an example out of them that forces Palestinians in the entire occupied territories into submission” Mr. Abdu added. “Israel’s campaign is designed to leave permanent mental and physical damage on most of Gaza’s population and create conditions that render the enclave incapable of sustaining organized human life.”

Euro-Med Monitor concludes that even if the war were to end today, it would take decades before Gaza is restored to its pre-October 7 status quo, which was already an unlivable and unsustainable environment.

The report calls on Israel to immediately halt the attacks and reverse decisions and actions that stand in flagrant violations of international law, including the siege, and mass forcible expulsion orders.

It calls on the international community to unequivocally condemn Israeli violations of international law and maintain pressure on Israel to fully comply with human rights standards.

Euro-Med Monitor also calls on the EU Council, Commission and External Action Service to ensure that no EU official makes statements that may encourage, cover up or whitewash the commission of war crimes in Gaza.

The organization demands an urgent independent international investigation into possible war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in Gaza and Israel since October 7.


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