Geneva - Israel has killed nearly 25,000 Palestinians, including about 10,000 children, during its 70-day genocide against civilians in the Gaza Strip that was launched on 7 October, Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor estimated in a statement issued on Friday.

As of Thursday 14 December, 24,711 Palestinians had been killed, the human rights organisation said. 92% of those killed in the Israeli air and artillery attacks on the Gaza Strip were civilians, including 9,643 children, 3,109 women, 210 health personnel, and 83 journalists.

Meanwhile, 50,112 Palestinians have been injured, with hundreds of them being critically wounded, said Euro-Med Monitor. This number includes thousands of victims who are still stuck under the rubble of buildings, while hundreds more remain uncounted, but are likely either trapped under rubble or injured in the streets.

Euro-Med Monitor estimates also indicate that there are more than 1.850 million displaced people in the Gaza Strip who remain without a safe shelter amid inhumane conditions.

According to the rights group, 62,990 housing units have been completely destroyed by the ongoing Israeli attacks, while 172,055 others have been partially damaged. Israel has also continued to cause massive destruction and severe damage to vital infrastructure facilities in the Gaza Strip, targeting 286 schools, 1,356 industrial facilities, 124 health facilities, including 22 hospitals, as well as 221 schools, 821 industrial facilities, 142 mosques, 3 churches, and 140 press officers.

Israel is stepping up its genocide war on Gazan civilians in an effort to intensify its enforced displacement policy, which is in violation of international laws, Euro-Med Monitor warned.

In addition to the indiscriminate deadly attacks that disregard the principles of necessity and proportionality, Israel is using starvation as a weapon, the rights group said. Israeli authorities are steadily prohibiting more and more humanitarian supplies from entering the Gaza Strip, Euro-Med Monitor stated, to subjugate the people of Gaza in an aim to forcibly displace them from the region.

Israel has deliberately targeted civilian infrastructure in order to cause as many casualties, material losses, and destruction as possible, according to the Geneva-based organisation, as a form of retaliation and collective punishment. This is against international humanitarian law and the 1949 Geneva Convention, and amounts to war crimes according to the Rome Statute, which governs the International Criminal Court.

Israel has flagrantly broken the terms of international humanitarian law, which forbids property damage as a "preventive means" and property destruction as a means of deterrence, even for military purposes.

Euro-Med Monitor field teams documented the detention of more than 1,200 Palestinian civilians in random Israeli arrest campaigns in different areas of the Gaza Strip; these arrests have occurred after Israeli forces stormed residential homes and schools sheltering thousands of displaced people.

Furthermore, Euro-Med Monitor stated that it was unable to report the arrest of any Palestinian resistance fighters at the time of publication, either because the Israeli army had not disclosed the identities of such detainees or had not actually captured them, or because their families were unwilling to report such cases.

The Israeli military has deliberately published shocking footage and photos showing Palestinian detainees blindfolded and nearly naked, kneeling on the ground being guarded by Israeli soldiers, or being transported in military buses to unknown destinations. Members of Israel’s army have even forced some detainees to carry weapons, so that they can be filmed in order to support Israeli campaigns of arrests, torture, severe beatings, and other abuses, according to testimonies obtained by Euro-Med Monitor from recently released detainees.

These random arrest campaigns have targeted doctors, nurses, journalists, and elderly people, including dozens of women, such as Hadeel Youssef Issa Al-Dahdouh, who appears in a photo alongside a group of naked men in an Israeli military truck in an inhumane scene.

Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor urged the International Committee of the Red Cross and the United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention to pressure Israeli authorities to reveal the fate of all detainees from the Gaza Strip, release every arrested civilian, and investigate the horrific violations that these detained civilians are being subjected to.