Geneva - An impartial and urgent investigation is needed to probe the Israeli army’s torture and murder of Palestinian civilians detained in different areas of the Gaza Strip, Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor said in a statement issued on Monday.

Testimonies gathered by Euro-Med Monitor teams confirm reports published by Israel’s Haaretznewspaper about Israeli field executions of Gazan detainees. Additional detainees have died after being subjected to extreme torture and mistreatment in the “Sde Teman” Israeli army camp, located between Beersheba and Gaza.

The aforementioned camp has been turned into a new Guantánamo-like prison, the Geneva-based human rights group said, where detainees are caged in inhumane conditions; Euro-Med Monitor cited the Israeli army’s use of open-air chicken coops to house the detained and withholding of food or drink for long periods of time.

The Sde Teman camp detains Palestinians of all ages, from young children to elderly people. Within fenced compounds, detainees are blindfolded and subjected to harsh interrogations with their hands tied. According to testimonies, lights are turned on and intensely shone upon them at night, with the intention of exhausting and torturing them.

Testimonies gathered by Euro-Med Monitor from newly-released detainees of the Sde Teman camp state that the detained endured various forms of torture and mistreatment there, were not allowed to use phones, and were barred from meeting with lawyers and from receiving visits from the International Committee of the Red Cross.

The testimonies also affirm that multiple elderly prisoners endured cruel beatings and humiliating treatment, the human rights organisation said. The detainees were blindfolded and bound, with both their hands and feet handcuffed, and if they tried to ask for anything, were met with abuse and threats.

One of the released detainees, who requested anonymity for fear of retaliation, said that he witnessed Israeli soldiers directly shooting and killing five detainees in separate incidents. For its part, Haaretzreported that two Gazan detainees died in the Israeli army camp. But unlike in similar cases involving the deaths of prisoners in Israeli jails, the Israeli army chose not to announce the deaths.

According to Haaretz, one of the prisoners—a former employee in Israel—asked for medical treatment prior to his death, but the army ignored his request and kept him in appalling conditions, which ultimately caused his death.

Just 71 out of 500 detainees arrested during the ongoing violence have been brought before Israeli courts by the Israeli army, Haaretz noted; the remaining detainees have been moved to prisons run by the Israeli Prison Service or to detention facilities run by the Israeli General Security Service (Shin Bet).

Euro-Med Monitor reported the death of Palestinian worker Mansour Nabhan Muhammad Warsh on 3 November, only 24 hours after his arrest. His body was covered in bruises, which is evidence of handcuffing, and likely contributed to his fatal heart attack.

Palestinian worker Majed Ahmed Zaqul, 32, was proclaimed dead on 7 November in Israel’s Ofer Prison after being subjected to severe torture. The fate of hundreds of other Gaza Strip workers remains unknown.

The Euro-Med Monitor field teams previously documented the detention of more than 1,200 Palestinian civilians in random Israeli arrest campaigns in different areas of the Gaza Strip during Israel’s current genocide there. These arrests occurred after the storming of residential homes and schools sheltering thousands of displaced people.

Following their release from detention, the Israeli military has purposefully left Palestinian prisoners blindfolded, nearly nude, and kneeling on the ground, after subjecting them to all forms of beatings and ill-treatment. Furthermore, Euro-Med Monitor stated that it has been unable to report the arrest of a single Palestinian resistance fighter at the time of this publication, either because fighters’ families have been unwilling to report such cases, or because the Israeli army has not disclosed the identities of the detainees or even actually captured any members of the resistance.

In fact, members of Israel’s army have forced some detainees to carry weapons, so that they can be filmed in order to support Israeli campaigns of arrests, torture, severe beatings, and other abuses, according to testimonies obtained by Euro-Med Monitor from recently released detainees. At the same time, the Israeli military has deliberately published shocking footage and photos showing Palestinian detainees blindfolded and nearly naked, kneeling on the ground being guarded by Israeli soldiers, or being transported in military buses to unknown destinations.

These random arrest campaigns have targeted doctors, nurses, journalists, and elderly people, including dozens of women, such as Hadeel Youssef Issa Al-Dahdouh. In an inhumane scene, Al-Dahdouh appears in a photo alongside a group of naked men in an Israeli military truck.

Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor urged the International Committee of the Red Cross and the United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention to pressure Israeli authorities to reveal the fate of all detainees from the Gaza Strip, release every arrested civilian, and investigate the horrific violations that these detained civilians are being subjected to.