Geneva - Israeli army forces have carried out field executions against civilians during raids on Palestinian homes in the Gaza Strip, according to shocking testimonies received by the Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor.

Euro-Med Monitor obtained horrific testimonies of Israeli army forces raiding the Anan family’s home in central Gaza City on Tuesday 19 December. The Israeli forces reportedly opened fire at multiple young men inside the house, for no apparent reason and with no resistance from the victims, and gathered multiple women in a single room before firing a number of missiles, injuring many of them.

According to preliminary information received by Euro-Med Monitor, 13 members of the Anan family and their displaced in-laws, the Al-Ashi and Al-Sharafa families, were killed by Israeli gunfire, while other members of the families were seriously wounded and are currently in critical condition. The soldiers also kidnapped an elderly man, whose fate is still unknown.

Twenty-seven women and children are trapped inside the house—many of whom with severe injuries or amputations—appealed to the International Committee of the Red Cross to coordinate their evacuation and save their lives.

“My sister informed me that an Israeli force raided the house and executed the young men,” a relative of the victims told Euro-Med Monitor. “Thirteen persons were shot dead and several more were critically injured. The Israeli soldiers later threw shells at the women, who were being held in one of the rooms.

“My mother, my sister, and my brother’s wife were injured along with several others. If they are not saved right away, they might die at any time.

Euro-Med Monitor confirmed that it had received similar testimonies about humanitarian atrocities committed by Israeli forces in numerous areas they invaded, including killings and field executions of civilians without reason. According to the testimonies, when Israeli soldiers raid a house, they blow up the gates and start shooting heavily, ignoring all residents’ appeals for help.

The human rights organisation has documented many incidents where Israeli soldiers have deliberately shot and killed young civilians, Western media attempts to portray all Palestinian men as terrorists or militants, while at the same time actual Palestinian men are subjected to humiliating acts of abuse at the hands of members of Israel's military.

Euro-Med Monitor also recorded a rise in field executions following reports of attacks on Israeli military vehicles by Palestinian factions. This suggests that the crimes being reported are part of Israel’s unlawful retaliatory policy against Palestinian civilians, which is in violation of international humanitarian law.

Israeli forces stationed in military vehicles or high-rise buildings are conducting sniping operations against Palestinian civilians who are either inside their homes or attempting to move within a residential area in an effort to seek safety, Euro-Med Monitor reported. The rights group referenced the recently documented killing of Sami Jabr Kahil by an Israeli sniper in Gaza City on Monday.

Euro-Med Monitor has received copious testimonies of scores of civilians killed in the streets and in homes by Israeli army snipers, or targeted by Israeli artillery shells, with their bodies being left on the ground for days or weeks on end.

These killings and field executions are part of the horrifying crimes committed by Israeli forces in various incursion zones in the Gaza Strip, along with looting, intimidation, arbitrary detention, torture, threats of rape, and widespread destruction, Euro-Med Monitor said. The organisation urged the International Committee of the Red Cross to bear its responsibilities and respond to the appeals it is presently ignoring, which call for Red Cross crews to evacuate the wounded and victims in areas where the Israeli ground incursions are taking place.

The Red Cross does not typically respond to appeals or reports it receives from Palestinian civilians, Euro-Med Monitor noted, citing widespread complaints. The Red Cross has only coordinated—in very limited cases—the evacuation of wounded and victims after many hours of delay, using the excuse that the Israeli army forbids it. Euro-Med Monitor pointed to the appalling case of journalist Samer Abu Daqqa, whose dead body was recovered along with the corpses of three civil defense workers after they were targeted for five hours in Khan Yunis.

International Committee of the Red Cross crews have also been accused of not responding to calls for help from displaced people, especially women, in dangerous areas or late at night, Euro-Med Monitor stated, demanding that a swift investigation be launched into the crews’ failure to perform their humanitarian duty.

Given the international mandate and badge that the Red Cross has been granted, Euro-Med Monitor emphasised that it must refuse to comply with Israeli orders. The Red Cross must fulfill its humanitarian mission, and in cases of Israeli objection, speak out in full support of victims and rally the international community to put pressure on Israel to comply—something it has not done so far.

The Geneva-based organisation also called on the international community to pressure Israel to ensure freedom of movement for ambulance and civil defense crews who respond to reports of injuries in Gaza. It underscored that Israel, as the occupying force, is required to provide medical care and relief supplies to individuals within their sphere of influence.

Euro-Med Monitor said that Israel is required by international humanitarian law to take all reasonable steps to prevent harming civilians and to guarantee their safe shelter. It is important to note, however, that civilians who choose to stay in areas designated for evacuation do not forfeit their protection and cannot be singled out for any reason, the rights group stated.

Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor stressed that everyone in the international community must act immediately to stop the Israeli genocide in the Gaza Strip. Israel is targeting 2.3 million people in Gaza amid a near-total silence that will forever remain a stain on humanity