Aug. 26 marked the 50th and final day of the Israeli campaign against Gaza, which began on July 8. The death toll currently stands at 2,147 people, of which 530 were children, according to Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor.  

The cost borne by Gaza includes:


  • 2,147 Palestinians were killed, including 530 children and 302 women. 81% were civilians, compared to 9% of the 70 Israelis killed.
  • Among the dead were 16 journalists, 23 health care personnel and 11 UNRWA employees. 
  • 10,870 Palestinians were wounded, including 3,303 children and 2,101 women. A third of the injured children (around 3,000) will suffer permanent disabilities.
  • 100,000 Palestinians were evacuated from their homes either because of Israeli threats or because their homes were destroyed or seriously damaged. They have found refuge in UN facilities or with other families, with dozens of people housed in the same home. 

Buildings and equipment

  • The total number of homes partially or completely destroyed since the start of this latest war on Gaza reached 17,132: 2,465 homes were completely destroyed and 13,644 homes seriously damaged. Tens of thousands of additional homes suffered less-sever damage.
  • The number of mosques targeted totaled 171; 62 mosques were totally destroyed.
  • 10 churches were damaged. 
  • 222 schools were destroyed, including 141 government, 76 UNRWA and five private institutions. In addition, six universities were demolished. 
  • 29 hospitals and primary health care clinics were damaged, along with 36 ambulances. 
  • 55 fishing boats also were destroyed affecting 3,000 individuals dependent on them for a living, along with 48 NGO‘s that provide the civilians with services.
  • 372 businesses, factories and other industrial or commercial operations were damaged, as well as 19 financial institutions.

Economic impact

  • The direct and indirect economic losses from the war are estimated to be $3.6 billion.

Info-graphic: Israeli Assault on Gaza in Numbers