Geneva - The Israeli army carried out an extrajudicial execution on Tuesday morning, Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor stated, killing three Palestinians—one of whom was injured—inside a civilian hospital in Jenin in the northern West Bank. The rights organisation called the incident a double crime.

In a statement released on Tuesday evening, Euro-Med Monitor said that members of an Israeli special force disguised as civilians targeted the three young men in clear violation of international humanitarian law. Three of the Israeli soldiers were dressed as nurses (in blue uniforms) or doctors (in white jackets), while the remaining soldiers were dressed as women. According to the statement, a total of 10 soldiers disguised as Palestinian civilians stormed Ibn Sina Hospital and shot the young men dead with silencer-fitted guns in a room on the third floor. One soldier pushed a wheelchair-bound patient in order to gain access to the hospital’s third floor, while another carried a baby bag containing the weapon.

As they approached the room of injured patient Basel Ayman Al-Ghazawi, who had been suffering from a serious injury since October 2023, the Israeli soldiers suddenly drew their weapons and shot him from zero distance. At the same time, they executed his brother Muhammad, who was tending to him, and their friend Muhammad Walid Jalamna. The Israeli special force then left the medical facility.

Euro-Med Monitor emphasised that the Israeli forces have committed a complex crime in which there are multiple violations of the rules of international humanitarian law. These crimes include storming a protected civilian hospital; committing a crime of treachery by dressing like doctors, nurses, and civilians; carrying out an extrajudicial execution against people who did not pose any danger to anyone, including a seriously injured person, at a time when the perpetrators could have been arrested for the aforementioned crimes; as well as torturing and harassing medical personnel.

Israel’s army confirmed in a statement that it killed three Palestinian youths while they were in a hospital as part of a joint operation with the General Security Service (Shin Bet) and the Special Police Unit, claiming that the youths were planning to carry out an attack against Israeli targets similar to that of 7 October 2023. Euro-Med Monitor said that the army’s statement about the deaths fits Israel’s pattern of using the events of 7 October to justify its committing of horrific retaliatory crimes against Palestinian civilians across the Occupied Palestinian Territory (oPt). The rights group emphasised that killing a wounded person in critical condition is against international humanitarian law, which mandates the protection of the wounded, and constitutes a war crime, as the perpetrators disguised themselves as civilians and medical personnel.

The Geneva-based organisation stressed that this crime is an extension of the Israeli army’s continued violations of oPt hospitals and medical staff, and another serious violation of the international special protection guaranteed to these hospitals and workers.

Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor confirmed that Israeli army and settler gunfire has killed more than 380 Palestinians since 7 October in the West Bank and East Jerusalem alone, and that a large number of those killed have been subjected to field executions.