Geneva - Citing the tragic worsening of humanitarian conditions and the international community’s failure to protect civilians, which has resulted in horrific human losses and the largest waves of internal displacement in modern history, Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor called for attention to be given to the bloody conflict in Sudan, which is heading into its 10th month.

Euro-Med Monitor emphasised that immediate action must be taken by all international parties to end to the ongoing conflict in Sudan. Approximately 10,700,000 people have been forced to flee their homes due to the dire humanitarian situation and the destruction of essential infrastructure, such as roads, hospitals, medical facilities, and schools, as well as power, water, and communications services. Of these, approximately nine million people have been internally displaced, while 1,700,000 have sought refuge in neighbouring countries.

According to United Nations estimates, about 25 million people—including 14 million children—are in dire need of humanitarian assistance in Sudan. Sixty-five per cent of the Sudanese population has been denied access to healthcare, with 70-80% of hospitals across the country reportedly non-operational and 10,500 suspected cholera cases, including 275 associated deaths, reported across Sudan.

Euro-Med Monitor stressed that roughly 18 million people, or 37% of Sudan’s total population, live in acute food insecurity and are at constant risk of death or violations including rape, looting, and indiscriminate bombing. The human rights organisation said that the parties involved in the conflict, who persistently breach international humanitarian law, bear responsibility for the deteriorating humanitarian conditions in the country. While they consistently declare their intent to hold those who violate these laws accountable, these involved parties have not taken any concrete action on the ground.

“It is evident that the two warring parties do not consider, in their military actions, civilian casualties and civilian objects,” stated Mohammed Al-Maghbat, Director of Euro-Med Monitor’s Regional Office in Lebanon, “disregarding the principle of distinction between what is civilian and what is military, the principle of proportionality, and that civilian interests must be more protected [over] military objectives.”

After 10 months of military operations, he said, a severe humanitarian crisis has been reached: “There is a severe shortage of food and basic necessities, and the majority of hospitals and medical facilities have closed. Millions of displaced people and over a million refugees remain outside the borders because of a dispute between military parties over authority.”

Al-Maghbat expressed that the only way to end the deadly crisis in Sudan is for all warring sides to respect the will of the people, who staged a peaceful transition of power and democratic governance in 2019 by holding free and fair elections and selecting their representatives.

Both sides to the ongoing conflict in Sudan have committed numerous crimes since its beginning in April 2023, said Euro-Med Monitor. These crimes may amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity under the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, which has limited jurisdiction over conflicts inside Sudan. The European Emergency Response Coordination Centre reports that among the crimes are the kidnapping and sexual enslavement of minors in the Greater Khartoum area; additionally, since the start of the conflict, at least 842 civilians have been subjected to enforced disappearances, and it has been verified that the Rapid Support Forces in West Darfur have detained at least eight children.

Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor called on the parties involved in the conflict to cease violating international humanitarian law and international human rights law, for the international community to hold those responsible accountable, for justice to the victims, for the establishment of safe humanitarian corridors so that aid can reach civilians, and for the will of the Sudanese people to be respected.

Euro-Med Monitor also called on the international community to take decisive action to secure the humanitarian needs of the Sudanese people until normalcy returns, as well as to play a bigger role in putting an end to the armed conflict in Sudan and safeguarding civilians there from human rights violations and deadly attacks.