Palestinian Territory – Israel’s army has again massacred Palestinian civilians who had gathered in Gaza to obtain humanitarian aid, targeting them with gunfire from helicopters, tanks, and drones near the Kuwait roundabout on the outskirts of Gaza City. This incident has resulted in over 60 deaths and 160 injuries, some of which are critical.

Amid conditions of famine created by Israel’s government, the Israeli army continues to deliberately commit massacres in the besieged enclave. The Israeli targeting of civilians while they attempt to obtain humanitarian aid has persisted for the fifth consecutive day now, with the total number of casualties from the “Flour Massacres” reaching over 500 deaths.

Ziad Saeed Madoukh, who was shot in the foot during today’s massacre, told the Euro-Med Monitor team that the Israeli army began heavily firing live ammunition towards the crowd of civilians as soon as aid trucks approached the Kuwait roundabout. The gunfire continued even after some of the aid was received, with the clear intention of deliberate killing.

Another survivor of today’s massacre, Ibrahim Al-Najjar, was shot in the hand by Israeli forces. Al-Najjar told Euro-Med Monitor’s team that he tried to get a bag of flour for his children at the Kuwait roundabout, but that he and others were subjected to live ammunition and artillery shells despite gathering in an area previously designated as safe by Israel’s army.

Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor holds the international community, and the United States in particular, responsible for the continued massacres of those starving in Gaza.

The latest massacre occurred just one day after Israeli forces killed six Palestinians and injured dozens more; all of the victims were waiting for aid trucks at the Kuwait roundabout. Yesterday also witnessed an Israeli strike on a United Nations warehouse and food distribution centre located in the southern city of Rafah, resulting in the death of at least one employee and the injury of 22 others.

As part of the genocide it has been committing since 7 October 2023, Israel is escalating the killing of Palestinian civilians while they search for aid and humanitarian convoys. Israel, as the occupying power, must fully comply with its obligations under international humanitarian law to provide civilian populations with the necessary food and medical supplies and ensure that they receive vital humanitarian aid commensurate with their needs.

Relief operations are urgently needed in Gaza and must be protected, and all border crossings must be fully opened. Euro-Med Monitor urges the international community to take every step possible to ensure the free and safe movement of aid convoys to civilians wherever they are in the Gaza Strip, in order to avoid an even more widespread famine crisis.