London - More than 350 stories were showcased in Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor’s inaugural exhibition of We Are Not Numbers (WANN) in London on Thursday.

The exhibition served as a poignant testament to WANN's mission of amplifying the voices of victims of the occupation, refusing to let them be reduced to mere statistics. Featuring contributions from over 350 Palestinian writers, the exhibition provided a diverse tapestry of experiences, inviting attendees to immerse themselves in the heartbreak and resilience of those affected by human rights violations.

The evening began with MC Leanne Mohamad's address, acknowledging the solidarity shown by people in the UK with the victims of Israel’s recent attack on the Gaza Strip. Ahmed Alnaouq, co-founder of WANN, shared his personal journey, highlighting how the project emerged from tragedy to become a beacon of hope for writers in Gaza.

Founded in 2015 following Israel’s large-scale attack on the Gaza Strip in July-August 2014, the project aims at telling the human stories behind the numbers of victims in the news.

WANN mentors John Metson and Nick Appleyard shared their experiences of witnessing writers' growth and the impact of their work, including a touching anecdote of Nowar Diab's article published in The Guardian coinciding with London's largest pro-Palestine rally.

WANN writers Hala Shoman and Malak Mattar delivered impassioned speeches, calling for action for Palestinians and showcasing the resilience of Gaza’s artistic community. Curators and graphic designers, Taya Amit, Almuhannad Allahham, and Soraya Fahmy, guided attendees through the exhibition's interactive features, immersing them in the writers' words of grief and occupation.

In the words of Matt Kennard, Chief Investigator at Declassified UK, "This war against Gaza now is a turning point." The exhibition not only shed light on the occupation but also exposed broader systemic issues, including media bias and colonialism.

The We Are Not Numbers exhibition stands as a testament to the power of storytelling in challenging oppression and fostering empathy. As the evening concluded, attendees left with a renewed commitment to amplifying the voices of victims of human rights violations and advocating for justice on the world stage.

We Are Not Numbers recruits a group of developing writers every six months and provides them with workshops dealing with creative writing, social media, journalistic writing, and how to approach western society. These workshops are given by trainers who are either professional writers based in the Palestinian territories, primarily the Gaza Strip, or international journalists and authors visiting the Strip; many of which are themselves mentors in the program.
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