Palestinian Territory - As part of its ongoing military operation in Gaza City, the Israeli army carried out a second day of random killings in the city’s southeastern Zaytoun neighbourhood. Israel’s clear aim is to imposea new forced displacement campaign, destroying Gaza City and the Gaza Strip’s northern region, and evacuating its residents.

The Israeli army conducted its second military operation in less than three months in the Zaytounneighbourhood. Amid heavy Israeli air and artillery attacks, a military ground incursion, the forced evacuation of hundreds of families, and the bombing of residential squares, Palestinians in the area are struggling to survive.

The neighbourhood, which is thought to be among the most densely populated areas in the Strip with an estimated population of 78,000, was previously targeted by the Israeli army in numerous airstrikes prior to the new ground assault.

The ongoing bombing is said to have resulted in numerous civilian deaths and injuries, while ambulance crews have encountered difficulties in reaching the victims. Reports also affirm that displaced people have also come under Israeli gunfire.

Forty-two-year-old Zaytoun neighbourhood resident Ibrahim Fathi Yassin told Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor that he and his family were forced to evacuate to a shelter in a school due to intensive shelling. However, they were targeted by an Israeli quadcopter and hit while walking down Totah Street, which resulted in Yassin’s injury and the death of his father, who was left bleeding at the scene due to the heavy gunfire.

Another displaced resident, Muhammad Al-Baba, told the Euro-Med Monitor team that residents of the Zaytoun neighbourhood came under intensive shelling on Friday morning, forcing them to leave their houses. While searching for a safe haven, they were targeted by an Israeli quadcopter. At least one member of the Abedfamily, a girl, was killed during the attack.

Al-Baba further noted that the Israeli army also attacked scores of displaced people taking refuge in the Shuhada Zaytoun School, resulting in numerous casualties. Notably, the targeting did not spare the carts that the residents depend on for movement during thedisplacement process.

Talal Saeb Al-Harazin told the Euro-Med Monitor team that he and his nephew suffered moderate and serious injuries while trying to flee their home in the Zaytounneighbourhood after being targeted by at least three artillery shells. The shells caused major destruction in the area.

By expanding the buffer zones it creates inside the Gaza Strip to strengthen its military position in the Netzarim axis—separating the north and south of the Strip—the Israeli army is able to commit more killings, cause more destruction, and displace more individualsin an effort to escalate its genocide against Palestinian civilians and impose a fait accompli. This has been going on for weeks in places like Al-Mughraqa and the Nuseirat refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip.

Israel continues to break international law by committing crimes against humanity, war crimes, and grave violations against the Palestinian people, primarily in the Gaza Strip.

Prompt international action is therefore required to end to Israel’s genocide and campaign of forced displacement against the Strip’s population, which violates international law and amounts to the crime of forcible transfer.

Civilians are still being evacuated from their homes and shelter centres without being provided a safe place to stay, and are instead being left out in open spaces without any facilities to supply basic necessities for life and safety, or security during their displacement. In addition, homes, gathering places, and residential neighbourhoods are being systematically and widely destroyed by Israel, depriving forcibly displaced people of a realistic timeline in terms of when they can expect to be safe.