Geneva – The UN report condemning the Israeli government for targeting UN-run schools during its summer assault on Gaza must be followed by punitive actions against the perpetrators responsible, says the Geneva-based Euro-Mid Observer for Human Rights.

During its 50-day military operation in July and August, the report concluded, Israel deliberately targeted seven UN-run schools—killing at least 44 Palestinians and injuring 227 others who sought refuge in the buildings after their homes came under attack.

In the aftermath, Euro-Med Monitor conducted a thorough investigation, including the collection of 432 testimonies from victims and other eyewitnesses. It confirmed that in most cases, no hostile actions such as the firing of rockets by armed Palestinian factions had occurred near the targeted areas prior to the assaults.

“Concrete steps must be taken to put an end to Israel’s violations,” says Ramy Abdu, chairman of Euro-Mid Observer. “Israel should be added to the UN’s ‘list of shame’ for deliberately targeting densely populated areas and UN buildings in the Strip.”

The List of Shame cites parties to armed conflict that commit serious violations of international humanitarian law against children, including killing and maiming children and attacking schools or hospitals. During “Operation Protective Edge,” 530 Palestinian children were killed.

“It is critical for the United Nations to abide by and enforce its principles,” Abdu adds, noting the lack of sanctions imposed on Israel in response to investigations and charges after previous assaults. “How can the international community expect Palestinians to refrain from armed resistance when Israel is allowed to violate our human rights with impunity?”

Euro-Med Monitor also calls on the Palestinian Authority to act on the findings of the UN report by suing Israel for its crimes during the war on Gaza.