More than a hundred Gazans flocked to a “signing ceremony” Aug. 23 to celebrate the publication of Mohammed Omer’s “Shell Shocked,” a firsthand account of the 50-day Israeli assault during the summer of 2014.

Organized by the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor, the ceremony and rally for the Gazan author was attended by lawyers, university professors, NGO heads and journalists.

"Through this book I tried to illustrate the steadfastness of the Palestinians and their ability to survive despite the pain,” said Omer. “We will remain resilient and never give up."

The book talks in part about the experience of Palestinian journalists who covered the events of the war, telling the stories of their people under the fire. Written in English to best reach the Western world, the book mixes pain and humor, tragedy and healing, death and life.

Maha Al-Husseini, a spokeswoman for Euro-Med Monitor, said that, "Shell Shocked is a very important vehicle for bringing to life the Israeli violations against Palestinians, going beyond the numbers to tell the thousands of human stories.”