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A call for an end to deadly border policies CommemorAction in Calais, France

Emilie Elhauge-Thomsen
Researcher at Euro-Med Monitor

Migrant suicide crisis: Exposing Europe's deadly detention policies

Michela Pugliese
Migration and Asylum Researcher at Euro-Med Monitor

Worse than the treatment of criminals: Degrading treatment and punishment of aliens in Danish Foreigners Centre Ellebaek

Emilie Elhauge-Thomsen
Researcher at Euro-Med Monitor

UK Coastguard Violating International Law by Ignoring and Downgrading 999 Calls from Sea Migrants

Three deaths in one week: Policy of ‘zero fixation points’ is root of countless human rights violations, will lead to more deaths at France-UK border

Emilie Elhauge-Thomsen
Researcher at Euro-Med Monitor

Good news on Euro-Med Monitor’s joint efforts towards ceasing human rights violations – September 2023

Euro-Med Monitor to CED: EU institutionalises enforced disappearance of migrants

Things in people you don't have the right to criticise

EU member states’ discrimination against refugees is systematic

Muhammed Shehada
Euro-Med Monitor's Chief of Programmes and Communications

Prison-like Bibby Stockholm “death trap” barge is UK’s latest move to torment asylum seekers