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In letter to Belgian government, Euro-Med Monitor raises issue of homeless asylum seekers

Out of sight, out of mind: EU detains, tortures migrants in secret facilities along its borders

Michela Pugliese
Migration and Asylum Researcher at Euro-Med Monitor

16 Days of Activism: Euro-Med’s We Are Not Numbers and Amos Trust raise donations for breast cancer screening programme in Gaza

Denmark: Threatening letters to Syrian children part of government’s hostile environment

UK: Euro-Med’s project We Are Not Numbers launches advocacy tour featuring living testimony of Gaza blockade victims

Auction house’s offer of human skulls is evidence that Belgium’s colonial past is also its present

Sexual violence in Europe: Action needed to protect women, girls as anti-rights movements gain ground

Victoria Ceretti
Researcher at Euro-Med Monitor

Misclassification of minors as adults by UK Home Office is malevolent, illegal, and dangerous

The creation of “climate refugees” in the MENA region

Victoria Ceretti
Researcher at Euro-Med Monitor

The international legal system needs Palestine more than the other way around, says UN SR at Euro-Med webinar