TMP Youth Trainees Project

The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor has recently launched this innovative project to provide training and mentorship to young Palestinians who are ambitious about serving in different jobs found in the field of human rights. In implementing this project, as previously in We Are Not Numbers, the Euro-Med Monitor adopts the training-mentorship-production model, where participants first receive training, then get linked with experts serving as their mentors, and finally are encouraged to utilize their skills and connections to contribute to the advancement of human rights in different ways. Participants may come up with project proposals to tackle a human rights problem, a report to investigate and expose violations, a story challenging the inhumane quantification of suffering, a fundraising campaign to support a specific human rights cause, and many others. The five once-trainee young men and women appearing in this video are now employees at the Euro-Med Monitor, and they have a great deal of ambition for their future.