Euro-Med Monitor in Jordan

Jordan received and hosted hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing the conflict in Syria in 2013, although the authorities restricted some from entry. Authorities stepped up attacks on independent media, censoring websites that refused to comply with new government registration requirements. Jordanian law criminalized speech deemed critical of the king, government officials, and institutions, as well as Islam and speech considered defamatory of others. Perpetrators of torture or other ill-treatment continued to enjoy near-total impunity. Jordan’s personal status code remains discriminatory despite a 2010 amendment.

Detention of popular activist Khaled Al-Natour reflects Jordanian government’s policy of systematic abuse

Jordanian Justice Minister must reconsider decision on journalist Al Zoubi’s case

Jordan: Imprisonment of journalist Ahmad Al Zoubi is arbitrary, reinforces policy of suppression

Jordan: Partnership and Salvation Party members threatened, targeted by intimidation campaign

Jordan: Official policies and laws legitimise censorship, violate free expression

Jordan: Detention of journalist and three politicians is unjustified assault on freedoms

Jordan: Over 750,000 refugees risk facing a stifling humanitarian crisis due to lack of funding

Rise in Juvenile suicide cases in Jordan necessitates scrutiny of juvenile justice system

Carma Estetieh
Legal Researcher at Euro-Med Monitor

Jordan: Rise in juvenile suicide cases necessitates scrutiny of juvenile justice system

Children's Rights bill in Jordan… a positive step, but?

Omar Alajlouni
Legal Researcher at Euro-Med Monitor